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Me Back :3
Wednesday, 26 February 2014 | 0 Snowflakes

Assalamualaikum , and hye .. sorry sbb sy bru je updte coz sbok nan skola , and my tugas-lah~~
haha .. k ... new story about me .. hmm .. nothing much . but adelah jgak .. there are a few things :

Nk cter psl crush yg dlu2 .. yg nme dyyy (tutttt) heheh ... silent k . actually da xske sbb ntah la ... sbb dy ade mkwe kott .. tp dy asyik sbok ckp 'xde spe nk usya aq ka ?" hahah .. tp ape2 hal pn crush anymore .. tp ske2 adelah . The new thing is ... i'm chatting with HIM .. its really new for me .. tp mmg tk kesah pn .

Skola plak .. oke and im a PREFECT  now ... im really happy .Oke .. ade sorg abg ni f.5 .. kwn CRUSH k .. crush dlu ... mse tu tga ckp2 nan kwan psal bdx f.1 thats so childish.. coz dorg anta surat kt abg f.5 ..?  pas2 one of the abg .. is my buddyz or watever , hehe ... chat2 .. ask him bout the letter then he say they seriously are childish ... so .. i ask did you accept it .. maleh nk lyan . Back to story , sy tga ckp2 nan kwan then abg SOLLI PANDA heheh .. i forget his real name btw dy pn skong sy ckap yg bdx f.1 cm dak2 then i talk about them want to be adik angkt then he said "jeles ka ?" i was like seriously dude , ?? .

I'm fine .. oh yeah , just remember something important or whatsoever . . my friendssss said .. nonono ... dorg ejek sy ade affair nan ukasyah .. my not-so-really-close-friend .. like seriously guys .. im not oke but ukasyah is SERIOUSLY oke .. coz he handsome and kind , maybeeeee , until now ... hi , ukasyah to me  , got it? but i dont teally mind coz im not in modd to have so-called-boyfriend now ... hhe ..

                                                               THE END

k , THATS all .. in sya allah i'll update more . Bye  , assalamualaikum to all muslimin and muslimat reader .