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Teringatkn si dia~!! :'(
Monday, 8 April 2013 | 0 Snowflakes

Assalamualaikum and hye , ary ahad bru2 ny sy bru je gi parkson parade,seremban,MALAYSIA, mse gi tu kte msti akn llu SMK KGV an? hmm , mse lalu kt situ , sy teingtkn EX-BF sy , xtau npe , tp jst rindu kt dy , kteorg plk ptus immediately and cm tburu2 mcm mmg kteorg da bsan sgt nan ssme kteorg , dy mmg sweet , baek aty and kdg2 anggp sy cm adk dy , sbnrnye sy jst nk btau yg sy 'STILL SYGKN AWK' sy hrp awk fham , actually sy cmbru tgok org len ade bf tp sy akn try ntuk than nafsu sy niehh ~!! heheh k la tu je bye assalamualaikum to all muslimin and muslimat :)