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Monday, 17 December 2012 | 0 Snowflakes

assalamualaikum and hi ... korang smua tga wt pe tuh? klo sy ... sy just O9 FB n havin' a good time while listening to my blog music tp kdg2 boring jgak ... korg rse bosan ke jd SINGLE PLURAL nieh .. for me .. i think i have a lots of good time when im clash with him ... I mean no typing message .. and no crying .. although its been one week ... i still don't have a bad mood or feel like goin' to cry .. i feel FREE ... and i don't need to carry my phone always .. sometimes i hate myself coz bein' stupid or a loserr ... hurmm ... guys what happening now ?? its like life is not fun like ALWAYS . Anyway .. i will try to cheer myself up .. k thats all i wanna say ... kbye n assalamualaikum to all MUSLIMIN , MUSLIMAT .