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Wednesday, 5 November 2014 | 0 Snowflakes

Assalamualaikum  hye , long time no see ? yeahh so here i am updating the blog after seems like a year heheh .. ny pn updte gune fon . So there is so many xciting stories that you guys xtau wlpn korg xnk tau , so whtever -.- . 

#First story
- now i ve my own group *girls* named stags . yeahh so mmber in our group ad 6  , different classes tp kkdg hangout ssame .* that my group video*  

#Second story
- So far in my high school time , sy bru ad 2 ex in one year (2014) . No 1 - N*****L .. *its privacy* hes form 3 and  a football player soon-to-be . Kiteorg kpel just one month bcause of certain reason . No 2 - A***N . Form 5 . My ex smua one school with me but after break up , we still friends eventhough not that close . 

#Third story
So its almost the end of my form 2 year . Yeahh , so many things happened and i also changed alot bcause i dunno .. mybe teenager grown up process? Whatever . Having fun in this year with tears , laughters and many . 

SO guys the end *claps* .  Tmrrow i will talk about EXO OK ? . Thats all thnk you , assalamualaikum to all muslimin and muslimat and bye ✋